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iMER Medical Services’ network of hospitals comprises of the most specialized doctors and surgeons in their field, as well as of the best technologically equipped hospitals in Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Greece and not only. The hospitals are chosen with very strict criteria based on our commitment to offer exceptional health services to our patients. The treatments offered cover a wide variety of specializations from cosmetic/plastic surgery and hair transplant to oncology/cancer treatments and surgery, spine and orthopedic surgeries, general surgeries, hepato-pancreato-biliary, cataract surgery, bariatric, urology, gynecology, gastroenterology and many more. Our patient management team stands by our patients 24/7, readily available to cover all our patients and their families’ needs. Our surgeons are pioneers in their fields, with vast experience and specialization, coming from Cyprus, Greece and abroad and trained in the US, Germany and UK.

Being committed to our mission, we have managed to offer competitive prices for all kind of treatments that ensure everyone’s access to high caliber of treatment and medical professionals.

Moreover, iMER Medical Services has created special CHECK UP packages in Cyprus, Israel and Greek hospitals, which include medical examinations and consultations with doctors, offered to insurance companies, to companies operating in Cyprus as corporate health packages, as well as to any private patient.

iMER Medical Services has been offering the option to treatment to patients all over the world. The geographic position of Cyprus with convenient and direct flights to and from most countries in the world, the unique climate with sunshine almost 10 months per year, the excellent hotels and resorts, ensure the smooth recovery after any treatment and have worthily placed Cyprus to the map of the medical destinations of the world.


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