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Since the establishment of Hadassah’s first hospital in Jerusalem in 1918 – the Hadassah University Medical Center has expanded to include two University hospitals in Jerusalem -located on Mt. Scopus and in Ein Kerem. The flagship of Hadassah, the two hospitals occupy 850 doctors, 1940 nursing staff employees and a number of 1020 people as paramedical. Also have 1000 beds, 31 operation rooms, 9 Intensive Care units and five schools of allied medical professions, owned and operated in collaboration with the Hebrew University.

Hadassah’s extensive network of satellite services provides community health care programs, specialized outpatient clinics and services in several city neighborhoods and nearby towns, as well as consultation clinics in the center of Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv.

About Hadassah Hospital

  • Multidisciplinary approach

  • Great expertise gained in over 100 years of offering treatment

  • Use of latest technology

  • World leader in medical research

  • Steady growth in the number of treated patients

  • Very short trip from Cyprus

  • 5000+ healthcare professionals

  • 1149+ beds

  • 31+ surgery rooms

  • 9+ specialized ICUs

  • 120+ outpatient clinics

  • Over 70 specialized departments and sub departments


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