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Asklepios Klinikum in Hamburg and iMER joining forces

Access for Cypriots patients to Germany through iMER

A cooperation agreement has been assigned between Asklepios Klinikum, which belongs to the worldwide known Asklepios Group of Clinics with 7 in total medical institutions and a Rehabilitation center and the Cypriot company iMER Medical Services.

iMER (International Medical Evaluation and Referral) is a worldwide health services provider, offering treatment to the most innovative and technologically advanced medical institutions in the world and is comprised of highly specialized scientists who are considered to be pioneers in their fields. Since 2008, IMER has been an approved representative of Hadassah University Hospital of Jerusalem, Israel in referring patients from Cyprus and Greece, while the last year is cooperating with all hospitals in Israel and with extinguished medical institutions in Cyprus, Paris, Greece and now in Germany as well.  

Asklepios Klinikum Harburg is the largest clinic in the south of Hamburg. Asklepios Klinikum Hamburg is worldwide known for the highly specialized interdisciplinary Pancreas Centre, the Prostate Centre, the vascular medicine, pulmonology, thoracic medicine, cardiology and cardiac surgery departments, while at the same time there are fully equipped departments that can treat all kinds of neurological, neurosurgical and oncological cases.

Among the clinic’s most prominent areas of competence is the interdisciplinary Pancreas Centre. Inflammations and tumours of the pancreas are diagnosed and treated by a team of experts from various fields, who apply both conservative and surgical procedures. The specialists at the center have extensive experience with both benign symptoms, as well as with malignant conditions in all stages of the disease. The Prostate Centre at Asklepios Klinikum Hamburg is the world’s first clinic to apply the particularly gentle ultrasound-guided surgical robot Aquabeam, utilizing automated tissue resection for the treatment of LUTS due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) with numerous advantages for the patient.

Among other things, the experts in Hamburg use the surgical robot da Vinci for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Through the cooperation with iMER, Cypriot patients can have a remote consultation and diagnosis through teleconference, the option to visit the specialist they wish in the Clinic, as well as the option for a hospitalization in case it is needed, together with a fully organized package for their stay (accommodation, transfers, tickets), even an interpreter.

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