Frequently asked questions

iMER has offices in Limassol and Nicosia. You can arrange a meeting with your assigned Patient Manager, in order to meet and hand in your exams. If none of the two offices is geographically convenient, you can send your medical record, either electronically, or even by courier service. Once we copy your medical papers, we will immediately return them back to you.

Once we receive your medical files, our locally based Medical Consultant will contact you in order to get your medical history and ask any possible questions needed about your medical condition. Having a full picture of your condition, we will then forward your whole record to the right specialty, that is the right doctor for your condition.

The Patient Manager will electronically send your whole record to the right doctor, in order to get his/her review and suggested treatment plan. The usual time needed in order to get a treatment plan is 10-15 days, always depending on the case.

There are cases that our doctors and professors get back to us requesting additional examinations that will clear further the patient’s condition, before they can give a review. There are also cases, though rare, that our doctors require a physical consultation, before suggesting a treatment plan.

After our Medical consultant reviews each case, then the doctor of expertise in your condition area does a final review and suggests the treatment to be followed.

Each treatment plan is always accompanied by a detailed quote, so you will know exactly the cost of the therapy proposed.

If you are in agreement with our quotation and wish to proceed with the proposed treatment plan, you just need to notify the Patient Manager assigned to you, in order to make all necessary arrangements.

The Patient Manager will notify the doctor that you are proceeding, in order to confirm availability of bed or Operation room and give you the specific dates you will need to travel. Then the Patient Manager will also make the travel arrangements (tickets, hotels, transfers) required. That way you will not have to worry about any of the logistics involved.

The full amount of the treatment is expected prior arrival to the hospital, either by bank transfer, credit card or cash.

We work with all insurance companies. What we need though is a letter of guarantee mentioning the full amount of the treatment and the name of the hospital.

There is hotel accommodation very close to the hospital, where the family could stay. In case of a child, there are rooms available for one of the parents on the same floor.

On your arrival to the hospital, an iMER representative will be waiting for you to guide you through the whole process and take you to your room.

On your discharge day, you may request it from IMER representative in Hadassah hospital.

Either your local doctor could follow up on your case, following instructions of the doctor you have treated you or alternatively follow up consultation will be arranged, if required by your condition.

An interpreter will be with you, if required to assist you during your whole stay.

Of course it is possible, if your condition permits it.

In such a case, the appropriate doctor can fly within 24 hours to Cyprus and visit the patient in hospital for a physical examination and review of the case.

In cases of emergency, acting on time can be life saving. Notifying us before too late, increases the chances of a positive result. Our doctors can either fly to Cyprus for a physical consultation or offer a remote one, having all necessary medical documents. If they believe they can assist with the case and that the patient is transferable, then an air ambulance with medical crew can take the patient within 3-4 hours to Israel.