The Department of Pathology was established in 1925, and today has departments on both the Mt. Scopus and Ein Kerem campuses. To date, our department has performed over 25,000 diagnostic and pathological tests.

The department provides diagnostic services related to surgical pathology and cytology. Additionally, the department serves as an autopsy service for both Hadassah hospitals. All organs and tissues removed in operating rooms, biopsies, fine needle aspirations (FNA), PAP smears and other cytology specimens from the hospital wards and outpatients clinic are examined and diagnosed by our department. The Department of Pathology also receives specimens from physicians and clinics outside Hadassah. Our department is also available to provide second opinion consultation services.

The department conductד cytological and histological examinations, as well as histochemical, immunohistochemical, immunofluorescent, ultrastructural and in situ hybridization tests. It also performs a series of special diagnostic tests on muscle, nerve, kidney and liver biopsies.

As an academic department, the staff is involved with teaching medical students from the Faculty of Medicine. For more information on our activities, please click on one of the links below.