The Department of Ophthalmology is a leader in both clinical and academic excellence.

The Department of Ophthalmology at Hadassah treats all types of eye-related diseases, conditions and problems. The department offers diagnosis of and treatment for a broad range of eye diseases including cataracts, corneal diseases, glaucoma, retinal diseases, pediatric eye diseases, inflammatory diseases, oculoplastics and inner eye growths.

Our department performs cataract surgery, corneal and conjunctiva procedures, eyelid procedures, strabismus repair, retinal and vitreous surgeries, and glaucoma and inner-eye growth correction procedures. The department uses laser devices to treat and correct various eye conditions. Laser treatments (LASIK and PRK) are also available to correct refraction disorders.

 The units and clinics that comprise our department specialize in an extremely wide range of ophthalmology specialties:

Pediatric Ophthalmology 

Comprehensive Eye Clinic  


Ocular Oncology 


The Michaelson Institute for Rehabilitation of Vision 

Glaucoma Service 

The Center for Retinal and Macular Degeneration 

The Cornea Unit 

The Retina Unit 

Ophthalmic Imaging 

Uveitis Clinic 


Department's Specialists