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Prof. Ron Eliashar, MD

Hadassah Positions :   Professor and Chairman Department of Otolaryngology / Head & Neck Surgery, and Division of Head-Face-Neck and Reconstructive Surgery

Phone :    Phone Office:02-6776469

Email :

Department :                  Ear Nose & Throat

Areas Of Interest :         Free radicals, Diseases of the nose and sinuses, Inflammatory cells, Diseases of the ear nose and throat, Endoscopy of the nose, Upper air-ways and sinuses, Larynx surgeries, Endoscopic surgeries of the frontal cranial basis, Nose and sinus surgeries including Balloon Sinuplasty

Speciality :                     Ear Nose Throat and Neck Surgery

Sub Speciality :              Pediatric Ear Nose Throat and Neck Surgery

Legal Opinion :  

Public Positions :         ENT Consultant (volunteer) – Intensive Respiratory Care Unit, Alyn Children’s Hospital, Jerusalem